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Testimonials - Soaps and Sanitizers

Nothing is more important to us than the direct feedback from our customers.  Below are some comments we have received.  Please write us about your experience with our products, whether positive or negative. Your feedback is the best way to help make our products better. 


"I just want to say how much I love your products. The aloe gel is a great face moisturizer! And I really like the Hand Sanz. It's moisturizing and it doesn't reek of alcohol. I'm always embarrassed when I use any other kind, the alcohol smell is sooooo strong in the typical store bought kinds that I feel like I just bathed in alcohol! Thank you!!!"
H. James
Valley Nursery Inc.

"I have extremely sensitive skin. Most soaps, creams and lotions leave my skin chapped and raw. The Grime Bar cleans the dirt and grease from my skin with no adverse reactions. I am looking forward to trying your other products, especially skin lotions. Your website is very impressive. Thank you for the work that your company does."

N. DiGrazia

"I bought your Odor Ease Soap thinking that it'd be soap I'd use for stinky feet after exercise. I was expecting a medicinal, tea-tree odor like cold medicine, better than feet reek but not lovely. Man, is this product mis-marketed! I opened it up and was wowed by this gorgeous, green floral scent that reminded me of when I was a landscaper, and how summer afternoons in gardens smell. This stuff is beautiful smelling! And yet it looks so, pardon the pun, pedestrian. I'd say repackage it or something because it wasn't selling as Odor Ease and I only picked it up for reeky feet, but now I am addicted. What marvelous stuff! Though, to be fair, I think manly men might be looking more for a less floral scent and women aren't likely to realize this is stuff they want. It's just a suggestion because I love it now and want it to sell well enough to stay in your core product list for a LONG time!"
Jylene Livengood
Surprised and delighted customer

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