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Testimonials - Herbal Armor Insect Repellent

Nothing is more important to us than the direct feedback from our customers.  Below are some comments we have received.  Please write us about your experience with our products, whether positive or negative. Your feedback is the best way to help make our products better.


"I must tell  you how much Kids Herbal Armor has improved my families quality of life. I am  very much against using pesticides in my home and rarely use them on our pets.  I had tried using flea and tick shampoo but it simply made the infestations  worst. I tried diatomaceous earth, lemon juice, and vinegar. Nothing worked!  We were being eaten alive by fleas! We were miserable. None of the effective  chemical flea and tick remedies were affordable. I was at the end of my rope  when one night in Walmart I spotted Kids Herbal Armor. At first I thought it  would just keep the fleas away but I noticed the fleas dying and after two  bottles they were completely gone in one room. I not only sprayed our bodies  and clothing, I also sprayed the bedding and carpet. I even began to enjoy the  fragrance which gave me a feeling of peace and well being everytime I  stretched out on my bed. This is such a great product! It is a must have for  families with pets. Thanks so much All  Terrain!"

"I am loving your Herbal Armore insect repellent, having just moved to Texas.  It works amazingly well. Our outside laundry "room" became infested with  mosquitoes and when I opened the washer door a cloud of mosquitoes rushed out but not a single one landed on me because I happened to have on the insect repellent coincidentally!"

"THANK YOU for such a wonderful product!!  Currently looking in my area to purchase more and have told everyone about the one and only insect repellant that actually WORKS!"
Kristen H.
Shrewsbury, MA

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on your product herbal armor.  My family (3 young kids) just got back from a 10 day vacation in Costa Rica and was very pleasantly surprised how well your product worked.  Even in the thickest of rainforest heavily infested with swarming mosquitoes, we were untouched!!  To be quite honest, I was very hesitant to use your product due to the fact that alternative deet repellents have usually been ineffective in the past.  Picaridin did not work in the Great Savannahs of Venezuela.  Anyway, the only negative thing is that it did tend to cause a stinging sensation on us especially around the back of the neck. Thanks!"
Eddie M.

"Our dog Moab wanted to express his thanks for your rockin' Pet Herbal Armor! He loves the outdoors (as you can see by the pics we've enclosed) but man does he hate mosquitoes. Really hates 'em! Until.... Pet Herbal Armor which is the first product that actually works and our dog is back on the trail ready and armed! Thanks for an amazing product - and oh his "parents" love your (human) products too! Enjoy the pics!"
Chris B.
Steamboat Springs, CO

"I went to watch a sunset this evening @ Rock Harbor in Orleans Ma. Only repellant I had available was a 3 year old bottle of you insect repellant lotion, which has been stored for 3years in an unheated cabinet on 3 season porch. Worked like a charm, I was untouched by the swarms of no see ums while the crowd there was eaten alive. I just reordered lotion and spray for our summer visitors."
Charles Mahoney
Eastham, MA

"My family, along with another family, went on  our first camping trip. I sprayed the Herbal Armor on me and my two kids. While everyone else got stung at least once by yellow jackets, we  stayed in the clear! It works wonderfully! Thank you!"
Y. Gavigan
Missoula, MT

Hope you are enjoying the summer – thought I’d send you our early review.  The products are outstanding.  We have used the bug repellent a lot, and it works well.  I like the lip balm as well, and we have just started with the sun screen and after sun lotion.  So, the verdict so far is terrific!  Thanks!
L. Selzer

"I was hiking in Mt. Rainier National Park. This photo was taken at Second Burroughs Mountain. My favorite product is insect repellent and Hand Sanz."S. Gallaway

"Hello! I just got off the phone with my husband who is on a mission trip in Guyana, South America. He said the bugs are atrocious, mosquitoes and other types.  Everyone there brought various bug repellants... 40-60% Deet.  He said the ONLY product that actually works is his All-Terrain repellant. He said it's the bug spray of choice amongst the whole group and he's the only one with a bottle! One gal there has every square inch of her body covered in bites.  Last night she covered herself in All-Terrain...even the tops of her feet.  She was BITE-FREE by the end of the evening except the ONE place she didn't apply All-Terrain...  The mosquitoes went under the insteps of her shoes and bit the bottoms of her feet!   We wanted you to know how effective this product was even in the dense 'buginess' of a third world jungle country.  Bravo for your product even though we sure do have a hard time finding it for sale! Blessings to you!"
Dana Chitwood

"I am so impressed with your product line that I had to visit your website (and I will be shopping-that's a guarantee!). Now I am thinking differently about the products I use and am convincing others to do the same. The natural ingredients are important to me. Thank you for making such a superior product!"
L. Love
Fontana's Shoes

"I loaded up with Herbal Armor from All Terrain. It’s a DEET-free insect repellent. It’s an all natural spray or lotion that will keep you free of bugs for 2-5 hours. I sprayed it on my legs and arms during the rafting trip and on my legs only at night at the campsite. I do not have 1 bug bite, so it must have worked. Herbal Armor has an unique formula with five natural essential oils recognized by the EPA as repellents. They sell travel size and a normal size. All Terrain really has some awesome products that I’d suggest you’d try if you want to stay away from chemicals while enjoying the outdoors."

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