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Testimonials - Kids Products


Nothing is more important to us than the direct feedback from our customers.  Below are some comments we have received.  Please write us about your experience with our products, whether positive or negative. Your feedback is the best way to help make our products better.


Check out this great video review of our Phineas and Ferb® kids products!

"I love your products, specially the all terrain kids herbal armor. I use it on both of my kids (3 and 1 1/2) eery time we go outside and they don't get a single mosquito bite. I love how effective it is and the fact that it is deet-free - so safer for them. I recommended it to all my fellow moms and family members. They should sell it everywhere! I tried other products for children and they don't work nearly as half as this product does. Thanks for making something that is proven effective and safe to our children!

"I'm writing to THANK YOU for such a wonderful product!!  Kids Herbal Armor is the best.  We recently vacationed in Lincoln, NH.  We had forgotten to pack our bug spray and I know how the bugs can be at that time of year.  I purchased a 4 oz bottle of the Kids Herbal Armor, and well, I would have to admit I was skeptical.  After returning home, we had a family 4th of July cook-out/get together.  As night drew near, the mosquitoes came out with a vengeance.  Everyone was lathering on insect repellant lotion or spraying it on - which wasn't working for them.  I gave this Kids Herbal Armor a shot and I was pleasantly surprised - and everyone ended up using it, so I need to buy more. Every since I was a child, the mosquitoes LOVED my blood - absolutely nothing would work - not to mention I have allergic reactions to mosquito/insect bites.  This was the first actual relief I have ever had using insect repellant! So THANK YOU for such a wonderful product!!  Currently looking in my area to purchase more and have told everyone about the one and only insect repellant that actually WORKS!"
Kristen H.
Shrewsbury, MA

"I praise you for Kids Herbal Armor! My 6 year old son is VERY allergic to insect  bites/stings. I have tried every over-the-counter repellent. The DEET products gave him asthma symptoms. Avon Skin So Soft didn't offer him enough protection. Home remedies were irritating his eyes. Finally, I called my local health food store and asked them to search for a product. They sold me a 4 oz bottle of your repellent. Today my son had a field trip to the school forest. I came with him, along with your Kids Herbal Armor (as well as his first aid kit, EpiPen, & prednisone). I slathered him with your product before we left. We were there for 3 hours. The deer flies, black flies, mosquitos, ticks, hornets, etc. were everywhere! Even though I had to reapply after 1 1/2 hours, NOTHING landed on my son! The product never bothered his eyes, even with a full-face layer of repellent! I have and will continue to recommend Kids Herbal Armor to anyone seeking advice.
Thanks All Terrain! "
M. Godmere

"We love the Kids Herbal Armor Repellent because it's DEET free and I don't have to worry about the ingredients because I know they won't harm my children and I am looking forward to trying more All Terrain products in the coming summer!"
M. Huffman
Puyallup, WA

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