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Testimonials - First Aid Products

Nothing is more important to us than the direct feedback from our customers.  Below are some comments we have received.  Please write us about your experience with our products, whether positive or negative. Your feedback is the best way to help make our products better. 


"Early in June my 11 year old & five year old went our local lake to swim. It was a great day as the water was warm and the sun was hot. Two days later they both had swimmers itch. Swimmers itch is a bacteria given off by the geese waste product.

Although not dangerous it looked like they had mosquito bites all over them. I counted 100 spots on my son. I put the Bite and sting smoother on my son because he was very itchy. He said in about 10 minutes he felt amazingly better. Within one day the sport had been reduced significantly and withing a few days they where gone. The relief he received was amazing. Thanks."
J. Burns

"I just have to tell you the more and more of your products I try the more I love all of your stuff!  Hand Sanz, sunblock, band aids, soap, bug repellent, etc.  It is all so much my favorite!  Thank you!"
H. O'Connell
Pennington, NJ

"Your Poison Ivy/Oak Cream works great. I tried Cortizone (Itch Cream) first and it lasted for about four hours. Then I tried the Poison Ivy/Oak Cream and it matched the Cortizone. I used the Poison Ivy/Oak Cream before going to bed and thankfully I got a good nights sleep. It dried my poison ivy up!"
H. White

"I'm allergic to poison ivy. Not allergic like a normal person, severely allergic. By the age of 8 I could identify the evil vine from 50 feet. If the wind is blowing the right way, I don’t even have to touch it to end up itchy and miserable. Growing up in Virginia, I thought nothing could be worse than being covered in its horrible, itchy rash. Until I moved to Oregon and discovered poison oak.

Unlike poison ivy, I’d never seen poison oak. So I didn’t know I was wading through it as I scrambled and clawed my way up an extremely steep ravine after spending and entire day shooting photos of the 2008 Canyon Creek extreme kayaking race for a magazine.
Two days later it started to show up. Day after day it spread and kept spreading all over my legs and stomach. No matter how many times I showered, it kept spreading. I tried every product I could find. Nothing helped.  To make things even more fun, I had to spend a week working at the Outdoor Retailer trade show, meeting with our key accounts, sitting through meetings, trying to focus and look composed when what I really wanted to do was rip my skin off.

Walking the show, I stopped at the All Terrain booth. They gave me two tubes of their Poison Ivy/Oak cream. I’ve never used a product that worked so well. I don’t know what magic ingredients they put in the stuff, but the poison oak stopped spreading, the rash dried up, the itching subsided a bit and it started to heal.  Thank you All Terrain!"
Melissa Bearns
Wend Magazine - Melissa Bearns is an Oregon-based freelance writer and photographer and also works at Wend Magazine.

"SERIOUSLY, let me tell you - I have contact  dermatitis - your bandages are the ONLY ones that I'm able to use WITHOUT ANY SEVERE REACTIONS - BRAVO!!"
A. Wiener

"Wanted to say what an amazing product the Ditch the Itch Spray is. I bought it a month ago when I saw it at a local store. My daughter was having hives on her chest for weeks from extreme allergies; she also has daily symptoms from allergies. Within 24 hours the hives were completely gone! She also feels almost 100% better now with her other symptoms of congestion, itchiness, etc. What a difference. No prescriptions have ever worked that the doctor gave her! Thank you so much!!!!!"
Satisfied Customer

Santa Barbara

"Hi there, I just thought I would let you know that as the buyer of food, supplies and equipment (though not merchandise for resale) for the Appalachian Mountain Club, I bought some of your bandages through Amazon.com for some of our latex allergic employees. Soon after, my nephew had a surgical procedure that requires him to wear a band aid over the wound for an indefinite amount of time (tube directly into his intestines). He developed a reaction to band aids and I thought it might be an issue with the latex so I send him a box of your band aids. My brother and his wife used them on him and were able to successfully get rid of the reaction to the band aids. They are now clamoring for more of the band aids and so is their doctor at Children's Hospital in Boston. I have given them your website as well as the link I initially had with Amazon. Strangely, we are all originally from Newbury, NH and my brother and his family have lived in New London, Sunapee and Springfield. My mother continues to live in Newbury as well as New London. My brother and I both went to Colby-Sawyer as well. So, not only do we feel great about your product with relation to Dylan's healing, we are very happy that you are located close to our homes. And as the Purchasing agent for the AMC, I was just as happy to see the AMC Logo when I went looking through your website."

Kim Steward
Appalachian Mountain Club

"Thanks so much for dropping this stuff off for me today. I have already sprayed the Ditch The Itch Spray on my arm and it's instant reprieve from the itching. I really appreciate it and of course we'll ask around at retail to see if they could carry some" All Terrain.

"Dear All Terrain Co, I am writing to tell you how much I love your Ditch the Itch Soap. It is fabulous!!! I have suffered from psoriasis for twenty years and I am always trying new soaps and lotions. Your Ditch the Itch soap is the best soap that I have ever used for my psoriasis. Not only does it relieve the itching of psoriasis, but it is pleasant to use.  Although it has a slightly medicinal smell at first, it is clean and fresh smelling. It lathers nicely and leaves my skin smooth and soft.  I absolutely love it!!  My skin is clear for the first time in 20 years. I am also on a biologic medication for my psoriasis, but I have been on this medication before and my skin did not clear. The additional use of your soap (daily) has cleared my skin.  I leave it on for 2 minutes (the lather) and rinse. I’ve got my husband using it too. I have brought a bar into my dermatologist at Brigham & Women’s hospital in Boston and he is going to recommend it to his patients. I have “ditched the itch” with your soap. I have also stocked up on it as I don’t want to run out of it!!"
Sincerely yours,
C. Bollen
Carver, MA
P.S.  Love the Soap 

"Now I am thinking differently about the products I use and am convincing others to do the same. The natural ingredients are important to me. Thank you for making such a superior product!"
Laura Love
Fontana's Shoes

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