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Testimonials - Aloe Gel Skin Relief

Nothing is more important to us than the direct feedback from our customers.  Below are some comments we have received.  Please write us about your experience with our products, whether positive or negative. Your feedback is the best way to help make our products better.

“Aloe Gel Skin Relief really does repair your skin! My hands were chapped and starting to bleed. No lotion seemed to help, but Aloe Gel Skin Relief “healed” my skin right away.”
L. Lachowitzer

“I used Aloe Gel Skin Relief after handling paving bricks. The aloe healed the nicks on my hands. It is also very good for this time of year with the dryness.”
S. Brumfield

“Great product - my hands and fingertips stay chapped from gardening and painting (remodeling). This works wonders and the herbs make it smell terrific.”
C. Green

"I have been using your Aloe Gel Skin Relief for about  a month now. I use it to control acne and keep my skin/face clear. I apply a little each  morning and night on my chin, and it really helps to control my skin. I also recently tried a little in my hair and it works well as a styling gel to tame fly aways/frizz. My hair looks smooth, shiny and yet it isn't weighed down or greasy feeling. I think this is a great  product. I've tried many other skin/hair products that were much more expensive, yet delivered poor results or caused allergic reactions. My skin is very sensitive and I haven't experienced any itching, burning or allergic reactions with your Aloe Gel Skin Relief. I hope that it is manufactured for a very long time."
A. Nall

"I just want to say how much I love your products. The aloe gel is a great face moisturizer! And I really like the Hand Sanz. It's moisturizing and it doesn't reek of alcohol. I'm always embarrassed when I use any other kind, the alcohol smell is sooooo strong in the typical store bought kinds that I feel like I just bathed in alcohol! Thank you!!!"
H. James
Valley Nursery Inc.

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